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Princess Mary of Denmark to visit Vilnius University

On Friday, 1 October, Princess Mary of Denmark will visit Vilnius University (VU). The visit to the University is part of the official visit of Her Royal Highness to Lithuania, dedicated to the centenary of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Denmark.

During her visit to the university, the Princess of Denmark will meet with the VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas, take a tour of the university’s architectural ensemble, and explore historical art and library relics.

The guest will open a conference in the Small Hall of Vilnius University organized by the Danish Embassy to mark the centenary of bilateral relations between Denmark and Lithuania. Afterwards, Princess Mary will visit the Hall of Pranciškus Smuglevičius, the oldest hall of the university, where she will get to explore an exhibition dedicated to this visit from Vilnius University Library heritage collections.

According to VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas, Lithuania and Denmark have historical ties that go back to the Middle Ages.

“We are glad that the Danish royal family has been paying exceptional attention and expressing friendliness to Lithuania for many years.
Danish support was also crucial for the university in the establishment of Scandinavian studies. These studies not only strengthened and expanded the academic field of interest but also became a great success among students,” the Head of the university said.

International relations between Lithuania and Denmark were established back in 1919 when Denmark was one of the first countries to recognize Lithuania’s independence de facto, and on 30 September 1921, de jure.

Diplomatic relations between Denmark and Lithuania were restored 30 years ago when the Kingdom of Denmark officially confirmed the continuity of the restored independent Republic of Lithuania in 1991 and recognized the Government of Lithuania. That same year saw the opening of the Lithuanian Embassy in Copenhagen. Since then, Denmark has actively and consistently supported Lithuania’s aspirations to establish itself in international organizations  NATO and the European Union, provided Lithuania with assistance in implementing democratic reforms and strengthening national defense.

Currently, Denmark is Lithuania’s important trade partner, it supports our country in the fields of border protection and migration.

Pranešimą paskelbė: Liudmila Januškevičienė, Vilniaus universitetas

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