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ECOLIFE – Eco-Friendly Lifetime Extension and Mobility Initiative

Three European collaborative projects – ArchitectECA2030, EcoMobility_project, and ARCHIMEDES – have joined forces in a bid to amplify the influence of emerging technologies in the domains of lifetime extension and mobility.  This collaborative effort, suitably named ECOLIFE – the Eco-Friendly Lifetime Extension and Mobility Initiative – is well-positioned to enhance coordination and support European influence in the areas of emerging technologies for electronic component innovation, smart mobility, and lifetime extension.

The ECOLIFE – Eco-Friendly Lifetime Extension and Mobility Initiative is at the forefront of fostering progress in electronic components’ lifetime extension and mobility technologies. Its collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, with a commitment to sustainability, is pivotal in shaping an environment-friendly and technologically advanced world. ECOLIFE drives innovation and stimulates economic growth for a more sustainable future, where electronic components last longer, and mobility becomes cleaner and highly efficient.

In the realm of electronic components, ECOLIFE serves as a hub for research, development, and collaboration, fostering a fertile environment for the creation of sustainable solutions. It brings together experts, researchers, engineers, industry, and policy-makers, who are dedicated to finding innovative ways to extend the lifespan of electronic components and reduce environmental impact for the benefit of end-users. Through shared knowledge and resources, different stakeholders develop cutting-edge technologies, ultimately expanding the lifecycle of vital electronic components and systems.

ECOLIFE pioneers the evolution of clean and highly efficient mobility solutions for sustainable transportation. To promote sustainability in the circle of automotive manufacturers and technology providers, ECOLIFE encourages the development of electric vehicles and intelligent transportation systems. These innovations reduce emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, as well as enhance the overall efficiency and accessibility of transportation, contributing to a greener and more connected future.

Within the ECOLIFE Initiative:

ArchitectECA2030 – brings remarkable input regarding residual risk, lifetime monitoring, and monitor devices, from which the ARCHIMEDES project benefits in terms of standards and the continuation of lifetime observation.

EcoMobility_project contributes with technologies for highly automated vehicles as well as for new business models in the electromobility and software-defined vehicles (SDV) segments.

ARCHIMEDES envisions improved qualification processes and lifetime extension of electronic components and systems across various industries which will be supported by the methodologies from  ArchitectECA2030.

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