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Biggest Changes that Have Taken Place Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall Will be Discussed During the Conference

Representatives of various fields of science will gather on 14–15 October at the international interdisciplinary conference “Turning Point Narratives: Regional Differences of Great Transformation after 1989–1990 (Germany – Baltic States – Poland – Belarus – Russia)” organised by Vilnius University and supported by the German Embassy in Lithuania. Experts in history, political science, law, economics, media theory, sociology, literature and linguistics will discuss what progress our region has made and what path of change has taken place in the last three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall.

The conference will analyse the commonalities and differences in the transformation of Eastern Europe and the Baltic region after 1989, compare socio-economic developments, perceptions and assessments of the evolution of law, politics, science and culture. The aim of the conference is to create a common space for discussion and exchange of ideas, without denying national and ideological differences in the region, and to generate new insights into how democracy can be maintained and further developed.

Politicians and regional experts from Germany, Poland, Finland and Latvia will take part in the international event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and Lithuania. Famous scholars from Germany will participate in the conference, namely, prof. Ute Frevert of the Max Planck Institute (Berlin), famous German historian prof. Arnd Bauerkämper (Free University of Berlin). German political and security expert from Leipzig prof. Günther Heydemann will speak on post-communist transformation and geopolitical security, and his colleague prof. Detlev Brunner will discuss economic developments.

At the conference, we will also hear the thoughts of Lithuanian scholars on the topic of Eastern European and Baltic region transformation – prof. Danutė Gailienė of the Faculty of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Institute of International Relations and Political Science Nerija Putinaitė and others will give speeches during the conference.

The conference will end with a final discussion „End of Transformation?” held on 15 October at 17:00, during which it will discussed when the post-Soviet / post-communist phase in the Central and Eastern European region ended and whether it is possible to indicate clear criteria for the end of the region’s Western transformation, when it will be possible to state that the „post-Soviet” phase is over and Lithuania can already be considered to be the real „West”?

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis, historian, diplomat prof. Irena Vaišvilaitė and the German Ambassador to Lithuania Matthias Sonnas will participate in this discussion. The discussion will be moderated by Paulius Gritėnas, advisor to the Rector of Vilnius University, philosopher, reviewer.

The event is open to all scholars, students, journalists, politicians and the general public. The conference will be held in Lithuanian and German (with translation). Several presentations will be made in English.

Program of the conference

The event will take place in the Small Hall of Vilnius University (Universiteto st. 3, 2nd floor). Participation will only be possible with a National Certificate, in strict compliance with all security requirements. The conference will also be broadcast live on VU’s Facebook account.

Pranešimą paskelbė: Liudmila Januškevičienė, Vilniaus universitetas

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